The earlier you join, the more profit you can make with V-Reward

Q: What is V-Reward ?

A: V-Reward is a system which every users can promote their own QR code to attract their own downline.Unlimited agent means that your downline can find their own downline, and it is unlimited level.

Q: How can I earn from V-Reward ?

A: All of your downline members are in your team,the team's turnover will turned into your commision, which is called 'Reward Point'.

Q: What are the restrictions of V-Reward ?

A:After you withdraw your Reward Point, Reward Point will turn into V-Point(MYR).

What is valid turnover?

A:The bet amount rolling placed by the player in selected games is valid turnover,you can find information in my promote page.

Q:What is direct downline and team downline?

A:Direct downline is the members that you find on your own, team downline is the members that your downline find.Please refer to the picture here.

Q:What is Team Sales?

A:Team Sales is the total valid turnover of your team, the more the Team Sales, the more the commision percentage back to you.(Can refer the picture below)

Q: What is the difference of Direct Sales and Promote Sales?

A:Direct Sales is the total valid trunover of your Direct Downline, which means you can get higher return of Reward Point. Promote Sales is the Team Sales of your Direct Downline, your Reward Point return will be lesser because you have to divide it with your Direct Downline.(Please Refer to the picture given)

Q:What is level difference in V-Reward ?

A: Total Team Sales will be giving a certain amount of commission, with level difference, we can calculate the exact amount of the team and downline, and the correct amount of the commission.

Q:Do you have complete formula of V-Reward ?

A:Formula: Total Commision=Direct Sale s Commision +every Direct Promote Sale s Commision =Team Sales Commision (every 10k) *Direct Sales(every 10k) +(Team Sales Commision Rate -Promote Sales Commision Rate)*Promote Sales(every 10k)

  1. Team Sales= the total amount of Direct Sales +Promote Sales of all agents.(*Promote Sales does not include own valid turnover of the agent itself)
  2. Direct Sales=Total amount of the valid turnover of self.
  3. Direct Commision =Team Sales Commision Rate (RMX every 10k) *Direct Sales (10k)
  4. Level Difference= Team Sales Commission (every 10k) - Promote Sales Commission (every 10k)
  5. Promote Sales Commision= level*Promote Sales(10k)
  6. My Commision= Direct Commision +all Direct Agent's Promote Sales Commision.
Q: When will I get my Reward Point?

A: Reward Point will be issued by every 3pm, and this is the commision the day before, not included the today sales.

Q:Valid turnover conversion ratio?

A:Refer to the table below:

*Valid turnover should follow the certain game distributor rules and regulations. For example: Putting bet on both sides of Banker and Player in Banker Player game will be treat as invalid turnover.

**Selected games in PGS[HappyFishing] and WM[Fishing King - Sea Beasts] and ,These games are not included in V-Reward valid turnover.

***Game type [Run light] games are not included in V-Reward valid turnover.

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